Many women’s diseases
suffer from late diagnosis
resulting in poor quality of life and low survival

The Solution

Easy to use, AI-empowered
early detection for women

Gina Life is a femtech company developing a platform for early detection in women’s health.

With the use of a unique proprietary biomarkers panel supported by AI and data science, a personalized test will be generated for every woman, enabling early detection of women related diseases.

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How we do it

We are using a proprietary biomarker panel in secretions
empowered by AI to enable early detection of women's health diseases

why us

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our team

Co founders

Inbal Zafir-Lavie, PhD
CEO and Co-Founder
Shlomit Yehudai-Reshef, PhD
Founder and Chief Scientist
Prof. Roni Michaely

Additional board Members

Orna Berry, PhD
Board Member
Dan Shwarzman
Board Member
Ophir Shoham
Board Member
about us
Gina Life is dedicated to Revolutionize Women’s Health
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